Government Contracts, Regulatory and Political Law

The attorneys of Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP have advised clients operating in a variety of industries, including financial services, real estate development and management, manufacturing, hospitality, information technology, franchise services, telecommunications, high technology, biotech, and energy.  However, in addition, we have particular expertise in advising and advocating for clients in the following industries:

Private Equity Funds and Other Financial Sponsors

Managers of portfolios of assets face of a host of challenges as they manage, and optimize the performance of, those assets.  From problems at the individual asset level to disputes with portfolio company management to intercreditor disputes, the attorneys of Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP understand these challenges and know how to address these issues with an eye toward the client’s need to maintain and enhance returns.  Examples include:

  • Representing a private equity fund and mezzanine lender in state court fraudulent transfer litigation relating to a series of improper transactions whereby the insiders sought to transfer to themselves substantially all of the value in the portfolio entity;
  • Representing an investor in a five star restaurant in state court litigation to resolve a highly contentious partnership dispute with the celebrity chef who served as the lead operating partner and whose name was on the door of the restaurant; and
  • Representing a private equity fund facing substantial tort and wrongful death claims both at the portfolio and fund level in multiple actions pending in several different state and federal courts.

Government Contracts

While selling goods and services to the federal government can be very lucrative, business in this area is highly regulated and subject to a combination of commercial and federal rules and regulations that can vary significantly based on the goods or services sold and the customer agency.  The attorneys of Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP have substantial experience helping government contractors navigate these sometimes turbulent waters.  Examples include:

  • Representing government contractors in responding to Defense Contract Audit Administration (DCAA), Department of Justice (DoJ), agency inspector general (IG), and other government investigations;
  • Represented numerous government contractors in “qui tam” or whistleblower actions and in direction actions brought by the government under the false claims act;
  • Representing government contractors responding to cure notices issued by the contracting agency.
  • Representing government contractors in litigation concerning teaming agreements and joint ventures.


From contract disputes to differing ground conditions to contractor distress, construction projects can involve a host of legal issues.  Whether its surety bond issues, the contract and punch list process, contractual and vendor disputes, equipment leasing issues, claims negotiation and resolution, or the disposition of construction-related assets, the attorneys of Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP have experience working in tandem with clients on all sides of these matters to make sure the project gets completed.  Examples include:

  • Serving as debtors’ counsel to several different construction companies including a large road and public projects construction company located in Maryland and a large government, commercial, education, and healthcare focused construction company located in Virginia;
  • Representing a prime contractor in a dispute with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers concerning a differing site condition and final project close out; and
  • Representing a real estate developer in litigation relating to the development of a 27 acre parcel of land outside Washington, D.C.


Companies that manufacture, sell, and operate aircraft operate in a highly regulated market that exists under the ever present shadow of significant, company crippling liabilities.  The attorneys of Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP have worked with aviation operators on a range of matters, from litigation and disputes to transactions.  Examples include:

  • Representing a heavy lift helicopter operator in state and federal court wrongful death and injury litigation;
  • Representing aviation operators in aircraft leasing and sale transactions;
  • Representing a heavy lift helicopter operator in commercial contracts litigation with a maintenance vendor; and
  • Assisting an aviation company to address International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) issues arising subsequent to the acquisition of a competitor.

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