Katie Lane Chaverri is a seasoned litigation and corporate attorney who focuses on commercial disputes, creditors’ rights, and restructuring.  Ms. Chaverri counsels clients in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from formal and informal negotiations, workouts and mediation, to intense litigation held in federal, state and administrative courts and tribunals. When her clients encounter business problems, Ms. Chaverri draws upon fifteen years of practice as a business lawyer to identify solutions that work best to reach their goals in the most productive fashion possible.

Ms. Chaverri presently serves a wide range of clients– from entrepreneurs, corporate officers and directors, nonprofit organizations and small start-ups — to large multinational companies in a number of different industries.  Ms. Chaverri represents clients serving the banking, financial services, government contract supply and services, residential and commercial real estate management, construction and development, retail, supply chain and media industries.

Ms. Chaverri has

  • Achieved a remarkable victory for an individual targeted by the Securities and Exchange Commission in an enforcement action brought by the SEC in federal district court in Massachusetts;
  • Successfully negotiated with the Internal Revenue Service and multiple other creditors to permit a small, minority-owned government contractor to operate and grow notwithstanding a financial crisis that jeopardized the company’s existence;
  • Represented numerous individuals in the start-up of businesses ranging from single member companies to multi-member complex corporate structures;
  • Serves as outside general counsel to several small and large businesses, saving the expense of in-house or general counsel;
  • Overcame significant statutory bars against the entry of a pro bono client from Senegal seeking asylum in the United States; following nine years of litigation in immigration court in Baltimore, MD and at the Board of Immigration Appeals;
  • Represented a national footwear retailer in connection with its successful restructuring, shedding its unprofitable locations and above-market leases, resolving pending class action matters, and making significant payments to all of its creditors;
  • Counseled the guarantor of millions of dollars in construction loans to confirm a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization.
  • Served as debtor’s counsel to a large, regional construction company during its Chapter 11 case, helping the company to achieve a successful sale of substantially all assets and make significant payments to the company’s key creditors;
  • Represented multiple commercial landlords in the enforcement of their rights in various retail tenant bankruptcies, including ensuring that the debtors properly vacated and that landlords were properly compensated for amounts due during and prior to bankruptcy, and that third party sources of payment were promptly and properly pursued;
  • Enforced a commercial landlord’s rights under a guaranty of a commercial lease where the guarantor alleged it had no exposure for the default of its sublessee.  After litigation in California state court, during court-ordered mediation, Ms. Chaverri obtained a very favorable settlement for the client;
  • Represented numerous potential buyers, including a multinational consulting firm, a security firm, and a radio technology provider seeking to acquire assets, including personnel, tangible goods, and government contracts, out of bankruptcy cases pending in Virginia, Delaware, and California, respectively.
  • Litigated all aspects of debtor-in-possession financing and the terms of a stalking horse bidder agreement for a company wishing to acquire a competitor out of a Chapter 11 pending in Northern California;
  • Represented a number of unsecured creditors’ committees in successfully advancing the rights and interests of the committees’ constituencies.  Representative cases include Contessa Premium Foods, Inc. (S.D. California); Building Materials Holding Corporation (D. Del.); Fortunoff Holdings (S.D.N.Y.); DHP Holdings (D. Del.); Everything But Water (D. Del.); Right Start and Babystyle (C.D. Cal.); and Crew Creative (C.D. Cal.).

Honors and Recognitions

  • In 2018, SuperLawyers recognized and rated Ms. Chaverri as one of the top attorneys in the Washington, DC legal market
  • In 2017, SuperLawyers recognized and rated Ms. Chaverri as one of the top attorneys in the Washington, DC legal market
  • In 2016, SuperLawyers recognized and rated Ms. Chaverri as one of the top attorneys in the Washington, DC legal market.
  • In 2015, SuperLawyers recognized Ms. Chaverri as one of the “Rising Stars” in the Washington, DC legal market.
  • In February 2014, SuperLawyers recognized Ms. Chaverri as one of the “Rising Stars” in the Washington, DC legal market.
  • In March 2013, SuperLawyers recognized Ms. Chaverri as one of the “Rising Stars” in the Washington, DC legal market.
  • In December 2011, the M&A Advisor recognized Ms. Chaverri as a finalist for the “Turnaround Deal of the Year Award” related to the acquisition of Contessa Premium Foods by Sun Capital Partners at the 10th Annual Awards in New York.
  • In November 2011, Arent Fox LLP awarded Ms. Chaverri the Albert E. Arent Pro Bono Award for demonstrating “outstanding contributions to public service.”
  • In February 2011, the M&A Advisor recognized Ms. Chaverri for the award for the “Chapter 11 Reorganization of the Year” (Lower Middle Market) related to the successful restructuring of The Walking Company.
  • In 2009, CAIR Coalition named Ms. Chaverri its “Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year”.


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