The Founders of Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP learned the practice of law the old fashioned way – through long hours of hard work at some of the finest, most uncompromising, large law firms in the United States.  These law firms set a high bar of unparalleled excellence in work product and in client service, a bar that the TLC law firm’s founders eagerly, if not easily, met.  With a little bit of self-made luck, and because they started as bankruptcy attorneys, where client funds are short and attorney work must be targeted to achieve actual client goals, the founders of the TLC law firm quickly found themselves playing senior roles in the cases they worked on and, equally quickly, they found themselves growing into the role of trusted advisor to their clients.

Even as they grew personally, the founders of the TLC law firm became dismayed at the pressures exerted by their large firms.  The need to focus on the largest engagements at the highest rates was leaving many of their clients, particularly the smaller and middle market businesses the founders of the TLC law firm most enjoyed working with, forced to choose between leaving problems unaddressed or paying exorbitant rates.

Sensing a sizable market opportunity in providing high quality legal services to these clients, the founders of the TLC law firm decided to move into the future of legal services by forming a business law boutique founded on the philosophy of client service, trust, and partnering with clients with the goal of mutual value creation.  This philosophy informs the values which we live, every day of our professional lives:

Outcomes Not Tactics.

Our business model is to craft our engagement around the basic goal of your desired business result.  In every instance, the strategy we formulate in a client matter is informed by your business strategy, not by our own skillset.

Targeted Resources.

The TLC law firm has taken affirmative steps to make sure that every attorney in the firm has significant front line, opponent-facing, and client-serving experience.  There are no placeholders here at the TLC law firm – every lawyer on every client team understands the role that he or she plays in achieving the client’s goal and that understanding informs his or her actions.  We cannot and will not overlawyer your case, not only because it is antithetical to our vision of the practice of law, but also because we have chosen not to staff ourselves in a way that makes overlawyering possible.

We Go The Distance.

Unlike many boutique players, the TLC law firm has the ability to handle all manner of business disputes and distressed situations from A to Z.  We understand that solving a business problem does not always mean litigation, and that advising on a transaction may mean being willing to push or fight to achieve the client’s desired outcome.  We don’t stop until we have achieved your goal; we have the skills and experience to go as far as you need us to – whether it be to trial, through the appellate process, or into post-judgment collection proceedings if necessary.

Flexibility In Pricing.

The TLC law firm is leanly staffed and, like any other healthy business, avoids excessive overhead and extraneous expenses.  We pass the benefit of this lean, well-managed structure on to you in the form of lower base rates and a flexibility and openness to value-based alternative pricing arrangements when appropriate.