Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP Achieves Substantial Victory in Landmark Human Rights Case at the Intersection of Family and Immigration Law

By Katie Chaverri

Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP is pleased to announce that it prevailed at trial on behalf of its client, a minor child from Honduras, who escaped persecution by fleeing the country alone to seek reunification with her birth mother.  In a landmark family law and immigration case, TLC partner Katie Lane Chaverri overcame the procedural and practical roadblocks that often arise at the intersection of civil law and federal immigration law and obtained rulings and written orders from the Superior Court of the District of Columbia that granted custody to the child’s mother and served as the predicate for the child’s relief before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.   Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP represented the minor child and her mother on a pro bono basis.