Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP Achieves Substantial Settlement In Fewer Than 60 Days Of Litigation

By David Tayman

Tayman Lane Chaverri LLP recently achieved a major victory in a civil action it commenced in state court in Montgomery County, Maryland.  As a result of the Firm’s efforts, TLC’s client, a stone and tile surfacing contractor focusing on large commercial and government construction projects, recovered a settlement worth substantially all of the claims asserted.  The client came to the Firm after months of carrying a receivable that the prime contractor was refusing to pay.  TLC gave the prime contractor and the owner one final chance to pay – which was rebuffed – before springing into action.  Coming up with a creative litigation strategy, TLC filed suit asserting claims that threatened to pierce through the prime contractor’s corporate structure and that would impose personal liability on that company’s directors and officers.  TLC simultaneously served discovery requests on the prime contractor and the owner that were designed to box the defendants into an untenable position that would set the case up for a quick decision by the judge.  But it was not to be.  Just days before it was required to answer, the prime contractor contacted TLC and offered to settle the matter for substantially all of the amount demanded.